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The First Session of Advanced Technology Conference of Waterborne Coating & Additives


   The First Session of Advanced Technology Conference of Waterborne Coating & Additives was hold in castlehotel, 30th Oct - 1st Jan.
  The current economic downturn is a new norm. Coating industry is also inclusive. Great challenges have been encountered to solvent based coatings, due to severe domestic and international environment policy, specifically, the China's Ministry of Environmental Protection, as well as Shenzhen’s environment policy.
  The First Session of Advanced Technology Conference of Waterborne Coating & Additives, and the first anniversary of China Association of Small and Medium Enterprises, Coating and Paint Branch (CASMECPB) was hold in Castlehotel, Longgang District, Shenzhen, 30th Oct. Tens of thousands of people concerned about it online. About 200 business representatives attended the conference, including Guangdong Coating Industry Association President Kai Huang, Shunde Coating Chamber of Commerce  President Jingzhao Hu, Hunan Coating Industry Association Honorary President Zhenbang Peng, Vice President Youwei Liao, Nanchang Coating Industry Association President Chaoqun Min, Shenzhen Dangerous Chemicals Association Secretary General Liguo Xu, CASMECPB President, Dr. Hao Shen, the President of Shenzhen Longshine New Materials Tech. Co,. Ltd., Yaozu Chen, other representatives including Zhanchen, Jotun, NipponPaint, Changrunfa, SKShu, China Paint, Hongchang Chem., as well as many raw material suppliers.

  The conference was hosted by Longshine New Materals Tech. Co. Ltd., coorganized by CASMECPB, sponsored by United Chemical (Foshan) Co. Ltd., Beijing Saideli Technology Inc. Co. Ltd., Runtai Chem., Zibo Jiafeng Chemical Technology Co., Ltd., Jiacheng Non-metal Mining Co., Ltd., broadcasted on Shenzhen TV, Gungdong TV, HKSTV, HC International, Inc., and Tushi Shangqing by means of live report.
  The new R&D direction and application was discussed and analyzed toward waterborne coatings and additives to give a deep understanding of Chinese waterborne coatings and additives. Moreover, integration programme was given by Longshine New Materals Tech. Co. Ltd., to solve various technical problems.
  Meanwhile, Qixin Corporation, Guanghao Real Estate Developer, Gaohongjiang Corporation, Shenzhen Zhonglianjia Furniture Co., Ltd., and Hing Lee Furniture were invited to discuss directly with coating companies toward the future trends of waterborne coatings and waterborne additives. Some cooperative agreements were also signed.

   Several senior technical experts and professors were invited to give presentations in the conference. Yaozu Chen said that economic downturn, coating consumption tax, low growth for solvent based coating, all these would great decrease profit, while only waterborne coating could be a new point of economic growth. He also declared the concept of “the golden era of waterborne coating”. The current situation spurred the coming of “waterborne coatings’ summer”. His speech focused on the status, opportunities and challenge of China coating. He also appealed that everyone had a responsibility to use waterbased coating. Dr. Hao Shen mentioned waterborne coatings could not be done well if one did not have a deeply understanding of water based additives. Some domestic waterborne coatings have better quality than these abroad, which can be constructed and used in rain. Some even sold toys that covered with our coating to American and passed their standard. We are really proud of that.  Technical innovation and better coating to rejuvenate the country is our generation’s responsibility.

   The conference achieved great success. The ecological chain of coating turned truth finally. We hope that everyone can be aware of their duties and responsibilities. The changes from solvent coating to waterbased coating are the trend of social development, and would definitely contribute to our city and our earth.